Meet Sheneka White, CJ Board Member & Volunteer

 A South Carolina native, Sheneka migrated to Atlanta as a young undergrad at Emory, embarking on a journey that would intertwine her love for nature, sustainability, and community service.

Sheneka, now a dedicated speech pathologist at Howard School in Atlanta, found her way to Concrete Jungle in 2021 through foraging. Seeking Covid-friendly activities for her students, she introduced them to the wonders of honeysuckle and mulberries, sparking an interest that led her to a fascinating discovery: the fruit tree map, a gateway to Concrete Jungle’s world of foraging and produce picking.

Soon she started joining CJ for intown and adventure picks. At our summer corn pick a year later, she realized that Concrete Jungle had become her community and Doghead Farm became her sanctuary, a place akin to the familiar bar in the TV show “Cheers.”

From a picky eater in her childhood, she transformed into a food lover in college. Nurtured by a food class and books like “Omnivore’s Dilemma”, sustainability became her passion. Her palate evolved and her cookbook collection expanded as she embraced culinary adventures, finding joy in dishes like ginger carrot bisque from “The Flavor Equation and Vegetable Revelation.”

Now on the CJ Board and our Community Engagement Committee, Sheneka has become a CJ voice, a representative, and an advocate. She speaks at community events, sharing the story of Concrete Jungle and supporting our mission to combat food insecurity. She believes that volunteering with Concrete Jungle is more than an act; it’s a gateway to lifelong service and a path to community engagement.

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