Feeding Families

Concrete Jungle connects the dots between the amazing abundance growing in our state and the deep need for access to fresh, healthy produce in our food-insecure communities.

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Pandemic Pivot for a Purpose

COVID-19 Grocery Delivery Program

In the Spring of 2020, we pivoted our distribution to directly deliver our produce harvests and other weekly groceries to food insecure families through our COVID-19 Grocery Delivery Program. With the help of more than 125 volunteers per week, we source, pack, and deliver groceries to 300 families in need.

Thriving Families

We seek to provide the healthiest food possible

Food insecure individuals are 2- 3 times more likely to have a diet-related chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease. For CJ, feeding people facing hunger is about more than providing daily calories. We aim to provide nutritious, whole, healthy foods so children and families can thrive.

Produce Buyers Club

CJ purchases imperfect produce from South Georgia farms

Traditional retail outlets have strict aesthetic restrictions for produce, but produce doesn’t grow in a uniform way! A lot of produce is too large, crooked, spotted or has some other sort of aesthetic blemish, but they taste just as good and have just as much nutrition! We purchase this produce at a discount from farmers and sell it at cost to our community partners in Atlanta.

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Grocery Delivery Volunteer Opportunties

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