Meet Helen Cummins, CJ Hunger Relief Partner

Meet Helen Cummins, a professional who, after retiring from two successful careers with Delta Airlines and the State of Georgia, started a third career as the Director of the Beloved Community Development Corporation. As Helen explains, “I’ve always worked. So being able to direct people to receive help – the unsheltered, those in need of services – this is what I do. And that’s why the Beloved community became a good fit.”

Helen is an integral part of Beloved, a 501c3 organization associated with the Beloved Community Church of Atlanta. This organization, operating for nearly eight years, provides vital resources and food to the community. They offer daily lunch and dinner services, conduct holiday toy drives, and support back-to-school initiatives, adapting to the community’s ever-changing needs.

Her daily responsibilities are diverse but all revolve around helping those in need. “Monday through Friday, I’m here at the day shelter where we offer respite services for individuals who are unhoused,” Helen said. “They can come in and use the computer, rest, do applications for benefits, take showers.”

Beloved has been a Concrete Jungle partner for the past three years. In Beloved’s quest to provide nutritious food for the community, Concrete Jungle plays a vital role. As Helen explained, Beloved gets salads from Walmart, but what Concrete Jungle provides is something unique – good, fresh produce that’s a rarity in their neighborhood, a food desert in Pittsburgh.

“We have great communication with you guys,” she shared. Concrete Jungle informs her of the available produce in advance, and they work together to make the most of the space they have. The challenge is clear – the shelf life of the produce is limited, and space is a barrier. But the impact is tangible. Helen recounted stories of clients who are always excited to receive fresh produce, especially items like squash and zucchini. The recipe cards provided by Concrete Jungle add an extra layer of delight, inspiring people to get creative with their meals. Some elderly clients even use the produce for canning, creating pear preserves that hold cherished memories.

Helen spoke about how the impact of Concrete Jungle’s donated produce extended beyond nutrition. The donated, fresh produce brought smiles and inspiration to those in need.

When you make a gift to Concrete Jungle this #GivingTuesday, you’re ensuring a hunger relief organization like Beloved has sustained access to the freshest produce in town. The need is great, and your support can make a significant difference. By donating to Concrete Jungle, you enable the continuation of this vital partnership and help bridge the gap in food access.