Meet Rach, Concrete Jungle’s Operations Manager

Meet Rach, our Operations Manager. Rach was first introduced to CJ when she applied for the Operations Manager position. She was surprised to find when she mentioned CJ to friends, many had already heard of us. (fate, amiright?) Once she’d started at the CJ, she quickly fell for the CJ team describing them as “some of the best people I’ve ever met”. She appreciates how the CJ team has the ability to transform everyday tasks into an enjoyable adventure. Knowing how her work benefits the community is also very motivating. 

Picking her favorite produce is much like picking a favorite child, but if Rach was forced to choose-she’d pick broccoli. “I can eat it every day and never get sick of it”, she says. Rach’s time with CJ has opened her eyes to the abundance of fruit trees in Atlanta. Nowadays she can’t help but notice fruit trees when out and about. She’s even discovered 2 pear trees in her own neighborhood. 

Rach believes her organization and time management skills have added much value to the CJ team. She also lives the closest to the office, so is often able to address any last minute items that may arise when rounding up produce. 

Rach loves to share food with people and introduce folks to foods to try which is why it is no surprise that PEEL is the CJ program dearest to her heart. She loves how the PEEL program allows people to try new produce, and receive a recipe so they can go home and add their own flair.