Meet Daijah, Concrete Jungle’s Orchard Manager

Meet Daijah Suggs, CJ’s orchard manager. When Daijah isn’t working at the orchard, she’s working as a MARTA market manager for Community Farmers Markets. And when she isn’t doing that, she’s volunteering her time with Concrete Jungle as a volunteer pick leader. 

Daijah first found us after an internet search on urban foraging. She came out for one pick, and the rest is history. She told us, “I don’t remember my first pick specifically. I just remember doing it, and now it’s a big part of my life.” 

Daijah visits our orchard in Stone Mountain weekly, planning and coordinating workdays to care for the trees and the land they’re rooted in. She told us, “My favorite part is getting to come out into this space and watching it change through the seasons. And watching things come into fruiting, and learning about new stuff. It’s caused me to be more mindful of food and to see food in different places. Recognizing the abundance of what’s out there –It’s all around you.” 

Daijah is doing such important work to make fresh food more accessible in Atlanta, and we’re glad she’s part of our team!