We transform overlooked and underutilized fruit trees and land into a healthy food source for communities in need.

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Concrete Jungle finds fun and intriguing ways to get fresh produce to those who need it.

Through our fruit picks and farm days, adventure picks and produce education classes, we strive to make sure all families can access and enjoy fresh produce.


Fruit is fallin’ everywhere!

Concrete Jungle started when founders, Aubrey and Craig, discovered the huge abundance of fruit growing in the Atlanta area and going to waste each season.

To be able to offer more produce to people is huge. It’s kind of hard to calculate the impact that it has. But for kids to be able to go to school consistently and go to their activities with a belly full of nutritious food – it’s night and day for these kids, and for these families.

— Gabe Fleming, food pantry partner at Jewish Family & Career Services

Help us provide fresh produce to those who need it.